Netgear's Trek: a portable wireless router

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Netgear's Trek: a portable wireless router
As far as multi-purpose digital travel devices go, the Netgear Trek is a triple treat. The 802.11 b/g/n Trek operates as both a travel router and a range extender. It’s an all-in-one self contained package with the AC power supply built in, so that’s one less thing to carry.
It can also be powered via USB, which is handy if your hotel power plug is too low down for useful Wi-Fi transmission or reception. It connects to the Internet via a flip-out antenna, and also sports two LAN ports, so you can use one to connect to your hotel/venue’s connection and the other to feed that to a device.
A particularly useful trick is being able to act as a secure wireless access point when it is connected to a public Wi-Fi network. The hardware firewall in the device providing a safer connection than would otherwise be used on free Wi-Fi, and that includes all other devices you are sharing with. Unfortunately there’s no quick connect WPS button. It’s also missing DLNA compatibility, but it seems this was designed as a business device primarily.
And when you’re not on the road, it can serve double-duty as a range extender at home orperhaps also on the road if the need crops up.
Wish you could turn your hotel Internet connection into a wireless hotspot? You might be able to do it with this Netgear Trek device.
$69 AUD
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