First look: Hypermaxx's Portable Projector literally fits in your hand

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First look: Hypermaxx's Portable Projector literally fits in your hand


A couple of years ago, there was lots of interest in pico-projectors. These were small video projectors that fit into your pocket and connect to a computer, tablet or smartphone. The idea was that you could use them to do presentation without the need to carry an extra 5kg of gear.The technology was even integrated into some smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Beam.
The reality was that most of these projectors were so small that they couldn't pack sufficient power to broadcast an image further than a meter and even then the image was faint and required a completely darkened room to be seen. The HyperMaxx is around the size of paperback and can deliver a large, bright image.
The HyperMaxx connects to just about any device you can come up with via HDMI, VGA or component inputs. It has a standard tripod mount on the base so that it can be easily positioned in just about any room. We connected it to an iPad and MacBook Air and it delivered nice images. The maximum resolution of 1280 by 800 is adequate for business presentations and it was able to deal with high definition movies.
We placed the HyperMaxx on a tripod - it has a standard screw on its base - about 1.3m from a screen. The image was about 115cm from corner to diagonally opposite corner. The HyperMaxx is rated for distances of up to 8m from a screen and can show a 5m image.
At $995, the HyperMaxx isn't cheap but if portability is critical then the HyperMaxx is worth a look. It's available for purchase from HOTS Mini LED Projector.
If you visit companies to make presentations, this mini projector might come in handy. It's around the size of a paperback book and can project an image up to 5 metres in size.
$995 AUD
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