The NBN Toolkit: Essential tips for every small business

"If you don't think the Internet is important to your business, you should read this."

- William Maher, Editor.

This eBook is for everybody – florists, plumbers, accountants, people working from home, retailers, small offices... even if you don’t think of yourself as a digital business, now is a good time to start thinking about your future in an era where customers are online. This is about planning the future of your business.

Inside is a quick-start guide to the essentials:

  • Connect your office
  • Take your business digital.
  • See how much it will cost
  • Handy tips
  • Don't have the NBN yet? See how to get better broadband now.

Introducing BIT (Business IT) – Make technology work for your business

Technology is transforming the way small businesses operate and BIT is showing them the way. BIT helps the 2 million+ small businesses in Australia keep up with important technology trends, from florists to plumbers, accountants and any business owner without an IT department. BIT keeps you up to date on technology that can save you money and help grow your business.

From the same publisher of PC & Tech Authority, BIT has an Australian focus, featuring practical advice, tips, reviews, news, as well as guides explaining important trends and recommending products to buy. Most importantly, BIT is written for business owners, not IT professionals, so our advice is easy to understand. Click here to visit the BIT web site.


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