Is Your Backup Strategy Up to Scratch?

Businesses may be backing up their data, but does that mean that data is safe from system failures or cybersecurity breaches?

The reality is that sub-standard backup and recovery practises can create serious problems for businesses. For example, they might lose data because they don’t back up regularly enough. Or businesses might slow down because they can’t recover data fast enough. They might even find that their recovery system don’t work.

BIT wanted to find out how Australian businesses are backing up data. So, in conjunction with SolarWinds, we surveyed BIT readers about their backup strategies. We also hosted a roundtable, where people from Australian businesses discussed their backup challenges.

Insights from the survey and roundtable are in our report, Is Your Backup Strategy Up to Scratch? The report shows:

  • How much money survey participants are spending on backup
  • Whether they are backing up to the cloud
  • Their major concerns about cloud backup
  • How confident they are about their ability to restore data
  • Whether they are performing incremental or differential backups
  • The causes of any major outages

To download the free report, simply enter your details.

The roundtable and report were sponsored by SolarWinds.

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