Your business: Do you have a "God complex"?

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Your business: Do you have a "God complex"?

This interesting video might make you reassess the way you approach the problems you face at work.

If you're winding down on a Friday afternoon this 18 minute video might make interesting viewing.

It's a lecture that had us wondering about the way we tackle some of the most difficult problems we encounter.

The theory put forward is the grand-sounding "God Complex", which has the following symptoms:

  • "No matter how complicated the problem, you have an absolutely overwhelming belief that you are infallibly right in your solution."
  • "People who in the face of an incredibly complicated world, are nevertheless absolutely convinced that they understand the way that the world works."

Instead of meticulously working on solutions, the theory here is that trial and error can be more successful.

It reminded us of something we read by the people at business startup incubator Pollenizer, which has touted the idea of testing and proving ideas first, before committing lots more money to them.

Constructive, or a load of hot air. We'll let you decide.

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