You can turn a PDF or handwritten note into audio your phone will read to you

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You can turn a PDF or handwritten note into audio your phone will read to you

Did you know that scanning software like the new Omnipage Ultimate can actually convert words on paper or PDF into audio your phone will read back to you?

Are you buried in paperwork in your day job? You might be surprised by some of the handy tricks possible for turning it into less of a headache.

For example, did you know that scanning software can not only convert printed documents into text that you can edit and search and print - but they can also turn it into an audio file you can listen to?

We suppose that while you're on a plane flight or a long commute you could turn on your phone, press play and listen. At least this way, you don't have to bring a pile of papers with you, or open up a laptop to view the document.

One example is Nuance's new OminPage Ultimate software. It's not cheap: the upgrade price if $199, and the full price is $499. 

But Nuance claims it can convert paper, PDF files and images into "nearly any file type". That includes a file that can be listened to on an iPhone, iPAd, Android device or another device that works with MP3.

We haven't heard what it sounds like, but Nuance claims the result is "natural sounding".

The software also works with "any scanner".

Scanning software that converts notes to digital text is also handy if you've got a lot of handwritten notes, customer slips and other paperwork you want to keep on file, without having shelves full of paper.

According to the press release other new features include (information from the press release):

  • OmniPage DocuDirect feature allows for automated sending of converted files to pre-programmed destinations or on-demand to anyone including mobile devices
  • Convert documents stored in leading cloud services such as GoogleDocs, Evernote, Windows SkyDrive and Dropbox for anywhere, anytime information access
  • New file formatting for reading documents on smartphones and tablets with eBook applications that support the ePUB format
  • Faster and easier conversions through a new tablet-like interface called the OmniPage Launchpad
  • Converted documents look like the original – complete with columns, tables, bullets and graphics – and are simple to edit. The new release helps users save time by creating searchable PDFs, converting paper forms to fillable forms, and exporting data to spreadsheet-compliant or database-compliant format.
  • Works with more than 100 languages


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