You can now browse categories of web sites to buy on Flippa

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You can now browse categories of web sites to buy on Flippa

Setting up your web business? Flippa now has all sorts of categories for finding the perfect fully-formed web site to buy.

Here's an idea - what if you could buy a fully-formed web site, thus avoiding all the pain and time of creating one for your own business?

That's exactly what sites like Flippa let you do -  buy and sell established websites via online auction.

We've now noticed that Flippa has introduced categories, which means you can literally browse for the jewellery web site, or baby clothes site, or some other site you've always wanted to run.

Take a look: 

  • click the "food and drink" category and you get listings like this, an opportunity to buy, a "Premium Australian Beer reviews website".
  • or there's the Australian site Bags of Charm, which sell pre-owned designer handbags. The sale also includes their "top rated" eBay powerseller account.

Flippa has been around for four years. They recently announced "over $100 million in website sales".

Flippa allows you to buy an established web site, including the content, site design, content management system (CMS) and domain name. You’re also buying the search engine rankings and recurring traffic that the site currently generates.

You can search the site by industry or domain name keyword (for example, plumber or floristry).

Bids can start from as low as $1, with most listings also offering a "buy it now" price. We've seen sites for $89 through to sites that cost upwards of $100,000.

Similar to eBay, you can view the seller’s profile and feedback rating to help determine whether they are worth doing business with.

The site traffic and page ranking information that accompany each site listed on Flippa comes from Flippa themselves, using industry standard traffic monitoring and web advertising tools, Google Analytics and AdSense.

Flippa claim to also go through a strict domain or website ownership verification process to ensure that the seller listing the site up for auction is actually the rightful owner.

An interesting option. Not for everyone, but could be useful if you spot a site you've had your eye on. 


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