Xobni launches for BlackBerry

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Xobni launches for BlackBerry

New contact management tool will sync Outlook contacts with a user's BlackBerry device.

Xobni, a company that offers add-ins for Microsoft Outlook to help users better manage contact information, has announced the launch of Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry devices.

The software will give BlackBerry users the ability to better manage and maintain their address book information by taking advantage of the program's automatic indexing, profiling and ranking capabilities, the firm said.

This will provide users with contacts ranked in order of relevance, rather than alphabetically.

In conjunction with the launch of the mobile product, the company has also launched Xobni One.

Eric Grafstrom, vice president of sales and business development, explained that this software would allow users to sync email and text information between Outlook on the user’s desktop and their BlackBerry, ensuring contact data is always up to date on both.

"With these new products, a BlackBerry user can quickly and simply access contact information and past emails or texts for every person they have ever communicated with, both in Outlook and/or on the device," he said.

"This will ensure the most relevant person is brought up first when searching for a contact, based on how often a person is contacted, via either the desktop client or on the BlackBerry, rather than in alphabetically order."

Grafstrom said that the company would bring the product to other mobiles throughout the year but declined to offer any information on specific devices or dates.

He also added that the company is planning to integrate the mobile product with its Enterprise offering before the end of the year.

"The Enterprise product will make it very easy for the IT department to roll out the new Xobni Mobile platform and the Xobni One offering to any BlackBerry users in the organisation, in order to help improve productivity," he said.

Grafstrom added that the product had been in development for about four months and was designed after feedback from customers who wanted the same functionality on their mobile devices as the product gave them on their desktops.

The new mobile product is available for download from the Xobni web site and will soon be on the BlackBerry App World site.

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