Worried about staff losing the office keys?

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Worried about staff losing the office keys?

Here's an interesting idea: a system which lets you assign a digital office "key" to your staff's phone. When they leave, take away the key.

How do you handle staff access to the office when a staff member leaves, or for short-term staff or contractors, without jepardising security?

Giving out keys to new staff members is the usual practice, but how do you ensure that ex-staff can't access to the building without changing the locks?

Businesses such as hotels and hospitals assign swipe or smart cards to staff, which can be enabled and disabled from a central system as and when required.
This way, access is also accountable, with the staff members credentials assigned to each swipe card.
But the complexity and cost in installing and setting up a swipe card or smart card system makes it unfeasible for smaller office to use.
Which brings us to an interesting alternative, a product called digital keys. Here is a video from Australian company LEAPIN demonstrating the technology:
Digital keys attempts to replicate the functionality and security of a smartcard security system, but instead uses your smartphone as the control system and key.
The idea is that you generate a time sensitive PIN, which only unlocks the doors during a certain timeframe that you set. It is sent via email or text to the relevant staff member via a smartphone app. The user taps their smartphone (for those tehcnically minded, the system uses a technology called NFC) to the touch panel on the door, or types the PIN into a keypad on the door - which electronically unlocks once the PIN is verified.
You can find more information about it here and here.
An assigned pin can be entered on the door keypad if the staff member does not have an NFC enabled smartphone, or in the event a staff member’s NFC equipped smartphone runs out of juice.
The video suggests it could also be used by someone renting out their house or unit.
LEAPIN claims the installation process is something you can do yourself, by replacing your existing metal strike faceplate on your door with the supplied electric strike and tap panel.
Here is a 50-second installation video:



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