Work in a shop or help run one? This will get you thinking

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Work in a shop or help run one? This will get you thinking

This could be an eye-opener if you are not up on the technology could eventually change shops around the country.

At BIT we try to focus on explaining technology that can help you here and now, like phone systems for your office or printers. But sometimes we also like to look at trends, especially if we think they have a good chance of affecting your livelihood in the near future.

With this in mind, we decided to share a link with you to "The Future of Retail" - a slide show on the Business Insider web site. If you help run a shop, this will really get you thinking about your future.

What you'll see is a summary of all the ways technology could, and in some cases is, causing shops to go out of business. And theories about what you can do about it. The examples are mostly from America, but it's still relevant to us here in Australia.

We highly recommend you click through and browse the entire slide show by Business Insider. Some of the points we found particularly interesting:

  • Ecomerce is still a fraction of overall retail sales, compared to those that aren't over the Internet (in America, anyway)
  • But the amount of sales coming from phones is going up
  • Some people want to get rid of the cash register in place of tablets staff can walk around the shop with
  • Social media "likes" from friends influence what shoppers buy or where they buy
  • Face to face customer service is the drawcard your shop has, that web sites don't have

All common sense stuff, we'd argue, but it's still worth thinking about.

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