Who's nervous about cloud computing?

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Who's nervous about cloud computing?

Are you prepared to put your accounts in the cloud, rather than keeping them in desktop software? It seems there's still plenty of caution among Australian small business people.

There are plenty of reasons "cloud" accounting can make your job easier - some have simplified user interfaces built for everyday people, not accountants, the fact you can use them when you're away from your desk...the list goes on. Click here and here to read two articles explaining the benefits.

But it's still early days for these products, and we keep seeing evidence that plenty of people are nervous about it.

Case in point: a survey of Australian accountants and another one of small to medium business people, which points to this wariness. 

The research, which covered 1,018 business owners or business decision makers of organisations with 200 employees or less was commissioned by accounting software provider CCH - so keep in mind they've got a rather obvious angle to take when it comes to online cloud-based accounting packages.

The survey results found that within the accounting sphere, only 23% of accountants servicing small to medium businesses use cloud-based software, although it's seen as desirable, especially amongst younger business owners and accountants.

We won't go into detail on the statistics, but the survey report suggests that cloud-based anticipation is stronger for younger business owners, while nervousness is highlighted in older business owners.

It's entirely unclear as to whether this is a function of cloud's relative newness or established business owners already having rather fixed procedures.

CCH's Russell Evans even goes as far as saying that "The impulse toward the cloud among younger business owners is even stronger, suggesting accounting firms risk losing a whole new generation of SME clients if they fail to act”.

What's your take - are you keen to embrace the cloud, or nervous about having details such as your finances online? Add your comment below.



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