Where do I find a recycler for Business Clean Up Day on February 26?

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Where do I find a recycler for Business Clean Up Day on February 26?

From chemicals to electrical equipment, you can get all sorts of waste recycled. Here are some things to know.

Business Clean Up Day, part of the Clean Up Australia campaign - is just 11 days away, so there's still time to get involved.

Scheduled for 26 February (the Tuesday before Clean Up Australia Day on Sunday 3 March), the idea is to clean up your workplace, its surroundings, or a nearby public area such as a park or beach.
It might be too late to receive the Business Clean Up Day clean up kit (rubbish and recycling bags, gloves and other materials) that businesses get in return for their $150 contributions because delivery takes up to two weeks, but don't let that stop you taking part.
So where do you start if you've got recyclables?
One place to start is the Planet Ark BusinessRecycling site. In particular, there's a search form for finding a business recycler in your area.
To find a recycler that will receive or pick up your materials via the Planet Ark site, first you select the catrgory , things like:
  • Cars
  • Chemicials
  • Clothes
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Furnituree and Fittings
  • Lighting
  • Paper and cardboard
Then, enter your suburb abnd postcode.
Ask the recycler this...
Importantly, Planet Ark recommends checking the credentials of the recycler, to make sure they're dealing with your rubbish in the correct way and not "illegally exporting" or dumping it.
One question the Planet Ark site suggests you ask is: "Do you have a licence to collect, transport and/or recycle/dispose of the particular item/material and/or have development consent for the related activity on site?"
You can also download the paperwork included in the Business Clean Up Day kit, and you can buy some bags and gloves from a supermarket or office supplies store and get busy.
Take care to separate recyclable items from the rubbish, and don't forget to take appropriate measures to wipe any items that contain data (junk computers, outdated mobile phones and so on) prior to disposal.
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