What is an interactive resume?

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What is an interactive resume?

Another way to stand out from the crowd, the interactive resume is made easier by online tools.

Rather than the regular, paper-based resume most of us submit with a job application, an interactive resume is an electronic document that includes interactive elements.

For example, if you're a graphic designer, you can use an interactive resume to showcase your skills. Or if you're a web developer you can use one to highlight some of your software skills. Tradespeople can create interactive galleries of their work.

How can I create an interactive resume?

There are lots of tools out there for creating interactive resumes. If you're a great presenter, you can create one using tools like Prezi - who have coined the term "presumes".

The trick is to start by considering your resume to be a story and not a series of dot points. Then create a narrative that highlights the story you want to tell that supports your job application.

If you're planning to create an interactive resume, Prezi has put together some interactive resume templates.

If you're looking for inspiration, here are some great interactive resumes.

Getting it out there

So, how do you draw people to your interactive resume?

Publish it online - Prezi makes this easy - and include links to it in job applications and on your social media presence. In particular, LinkedIn is a good place for it, as LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly important candidate and information for prospective employers.

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