What Australian workplaces actually rely on tablet computers?

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What Australian workplaces actually rely on tablet computers?

If you're curious about where tablets are being used at work, here are three examples.

One of the big questions when the Apple iPad was launched was what anyone would use it for.

That's been answered, but in the workplace in particular, the place for tablets is still emerging. If you're curious about where tablets are being used at work, here are three examples:

Secuity patrols

As CRN reported recently, Wilson Security's patrols are using the Panasonic Toughpad – a "ruggedised" 7 inch Android tablet that can withstand drops on to concrete and is also dust and water proof.

The idea is that patrols can enter reports on the tablet, instead of doing it back at base. That does away with paper-based forms that cost money and reduces errors as information can be recorded on the spot and not re-keyed back into the main system later. Wilson is also looking at using an NFC reader to scan tags at client sites.

The lesson: The right tablet and software can reduce errors through rekeying of information from the field, and some models can handle rough use.

Cop that!

As iTnews reports, the Northern Territory Police is adopting tablets in a big way. It plans to have 1,300 officers use iPads, according to iTnews. Again, the advantage here is having access to data in the field and being able to record information and share it.

The lesson: A tablet can make information available to field staff. Traditionally, the problem has been that field staff can carry some information with them but if an unforeseen event occurs they are left languishing. This can happen with sales staff that make an unexpected contact.

In the warehouse

There are three things that happen in every warehouse regardless of what items are stored there – the staff pick, pack and dispatch.

I wrote about one example of this back in 2011, which you can read about here. iPads are finding a place in warehouses to display orders for workers and show them where to find the necessary parts around the warehouse. 

The lesson: Tablets can replace paper for updating your staff on information, as it changes.

Are you using tablets to get your job done? Tell us about it by adding a comment below.

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