Web addresses to get even more creative

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Web addresses to get even more creative

.art is just the latest top-level domain that you can potentially use for your website's address.

There's been a rapid expansion of top-level domains (TLDs) for web sites. Where choices were once mostly limited to .com and .net (plus the various country codes), there are now many more choices aimed at specific places (such as .sydney and .melbourne) or particular sectors (such as .jobs, .museum, .pro and .travel).

The latest announcement is that ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has authorised UK Creative Ideas (UKCI) – a UK-based company backed by a Russian venture capitalist – to operate the .art domain.

Registrations will be accepted only from those in the arts and culture sector.

“Our goals are to support existing museums, galleries, artists, auction houses and others in protecting and enhancing their brands, to inspire new organisations to build on .art real estate, and to make domain names available to younger players to the art scene whose names are no longer available in other TLDs and want to immediately be identified with the art world," UKCI CEO John Matson said.

The .art domain will be launched later this year.

Registrations of interest are being accepted at dotart.domains, but there is no indication of whether priority will be given to whoever first mentions a particular name or if enquiries will be used to identify names that will be offered at premium prices.

If you run a gallery or other art business – or if you are an artist – it might be worth trying to secure your preferred name in this space.

If you’re in another sector, or you want your business to be identified with a particular city, a Google search of “domain names” will provide you with plenty of options to choose from.

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