Video of Dell's iPad-dwarfing tablet

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Video of Dell's iPad-dwarfing tablet

We’ve seen big tablet computers, but this is ridiculous. Take a look at this video of the Dell XPS 18, which is a monster compared to the iPad.

What you are looking at in the video below is a new tablet/desktop computer with an 18.4in touchscreen.

The tablet is Dell's new XPS 18, which is actually a desktop computer, but one that's designed with the idea you can carry it around with you like a tablet.

We've wondered about the point of these things before. On the one hand, perhaps they might be useful for showing architectural drawings to clients, landscape designs or graphics.
The video shows the device has an adjustable powered stand you can use to prop it up - you can use it with a wireless keyboard and mouse. It has flip-out feet so it can be set to a comfortable viewing angle, totally flat for collaborating or browsing, or even like a newspaper for reading.
The video makes lugging around the 2.1kg device look fairly easy, even though it is almost three times the weight of an iPad.
As we mentioned last time, Dell hasn’t yet announced an Australian price or release date yet.
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