Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III 4G works on Optus 4G, says MobiCity

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Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III 4G works on Optus 4G, says MobiCity

Despite Optus not officially offering 4G services yet to people who've bought the Samsung Galaxy S III 4G phone outright, one company says it has managed to do exactly that.

Something very important for anyone considering getting a 4G phone with Optus is that there is a major restriction for phones bought outright - only customers who buy the iPhone 5 outright are entitled to use the phone on a 4G plan, according to the Optus web site.

Optus is planning to launch "BYO" plans for the Samsung Galaxy S III 4G in the "next few months", according to an article by our sister site, CRN. Read the article here.

But in the meantime, anyone who has their eye on the Samsung Galaxy S III 4G is in a bit of a dilemma. If you want to buy the phone outright, or you've bought an unlocked one from somewhere else like MobiCity, then as CRN points out, you wouldn't in theory be able to use the major feature of the phone with Optus - the fast 4G/LTE Internet speeds.

That's in theory. We've heard that signing up for 4G with Optus is possible for someone who owns a Samsung Galaxy S III 4G upfront, according to the people from MobiCity, who sell unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III 4G phones.

The people from MobiCity said they used an unlocked Galaxy S III 4G i9305 from MobiCity to sign up at an Optus shop for a $30 month to month plan with 4G. "The tester was provided with a micro-SIM, inserted it into the phone, switched it on and 4G was active and working.  Test calls and data speeds all worked as expected with no issues and no access restrictions," MobiCity's spokesperson said in an email.

While plenty of people sign up for contracts for their phones, there are certain advantages to buying a phone outright - so this is something of interest to anyone who prefers to buy their phones this way.

We are following this up with Optus and will update this story if we receive more information about this.

Update: We've been in touch with Optus, who have clarified a few things for us. An Optus spokesperson said,

  • We can confirm iPhone 5 users can enjoy the Optus 4G network speeds on BYO plans
  • We are currently working on a BYO plan for customers who have purchased the Samsung Galaxy SIII 4G outright
  • It will be available for our customers in the next couple of months
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