Understanding network storage: The Netgear ReadyDATA 5200

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Understanding network storage: The Netgear ReadyDATA 5200

Netgear's new ReadyDATA 5200 aims to bring big business features to small business. So what does that mean?

The ReadyDATA 5200 is an unusual device. It boasts a host of enterprise storage features but manages to expose some very rich functionality.

No backup plan? We highly recommend you read our guide to backup.
There are a myriad of options on the market, from NAS to cloud and offsite backup. If you store a lot of data, depending on your broadband, hardware in your office is what's likely needed.
The Netgear ReadyDATA 5200 was announced this week - we found it a particularly interesting device, because whereas most NAS units top out at 12 drives, the ReadyDATA 5200 starts at 12 and can handle up to 60 drives. It's also got things like data de duplication, which we'll explain below.
This is perhaps the ReadyDATA 5200's most important feature. While it's tempting to get drawn into technical features, the ReadyDATA 5200 is probably the easiest-to-setup storage device we've seen. 
Once you connect to the ReadyDATA 5200 all of its features and functions are easy to access, configure and monitor. The software isn't packed with technical jargon. It's designed for ordinary people to use.
Adding more storage is easy
No one wants to spend money before they have to. The ReadyDATA 5200 lets you start with just a couple of drives and add more as you need. When you add a drive, the extra capacity is available almost instantly without any interruption to users. The basic ReadyDATA 5200 chassis can hold 12 drives with an expansion chassis boosting that to up to 60 drives. 
Data de duplication and compression
If you look at your data, you'll notice lots of duplication. For example, you might prepare a document for one client and save it. Then, you'll use the same letter again, make a few changes and save it again. Most of the data within those two files will be the same bar a few small changes. The ReadyDATA 5200 doesn't store both files in their entirety. It removes anything that's duplicated. This will save you lots space - we've seen de-duplication systems that can save over 50% of your space.
Unlimited snapshots
The ReadyDATA 5200 makes it easy to set up the system to take a snapshot of your data at whatever interval suits you. If something is lost you can go back in time to a snapshot with your data intact.
Real-Time Data Replication
Protecting your data is critical. The ReadyDATA 5200 is integrated with an online service that makes it easy, and configuration-free, to set up a pair of ReadyDATA 5200s and have them replicate data between them. For example, you could have data replicated between remote offices or a main site and a disaster recovery facility.


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