Uh boss . . . I'm taking a FakeCall

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Uh boss . . . I'm taking a FakeCall

Escaping the sheer hell of a boring meeting or tedious conversation is now possible with this crafty Windows Mobile app called FakeCall.

I want to tell you about one of my favourite Windows Mobile applications, Fake Call, which is perhaps a bit frivolous for this column, but does exactly what it says on the tin: either at a single key-press, or at a set time, it will make your phone appear to receive a totally realistic incoming call, using your normal ringtone and profile settings, and seeming to come from one of your contacts. It even plays a recording that sounds like you're speaking to a real person...

No doubt you can think of your own uses for such software, which might include escaping boring meetings, skiving off work early, keeping visits to relatives short and sweet, and much more.

Of course, I'd never use it for anything so low, given that my clients, co-workers and relatives all read this column...

Seriously, though, Fake Call costs only US$5 after an initial 14-day trial, and as beer-money utilities go I think it's utterly brilliant.

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