Two more cloud storage services bite the dust

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Two more cloud storage services bite the dust

Barracuda's Copy and CudaDrive online storage services will be discontinued on 1 May 2016 following a strategic review by the company.

While Dropbox along with Google Drive and Microsoft's OneDrive probably have the lion's share of the cloud storage mindshare, some smaller providers vie for their cut of the market. But they are falling by the wayside.

Last August, LaCie announced its Wuala service was to close in November 2015, and now Barracuda has called time on its Copy and CudaDrive services, which will close on 1 May 2016. 

Paying customers are no longer being charged, and all users have until that date to ensure they have copies of all their files in another location.

Barracuda recommends users take advantage of Mover to transfer their data to Microsoft OneDrive without having to download and upload it all (detailed instructions are here), although Mover also works with a variety of other storage services including Box, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Mover performs transfers between the named services at no charge to individual users. Other services are supported at a cost of $US1 per gigabyte transferred, with a $US20 minimum.

Where data is to be transferred for multiple user accounts, Mover's charges start at $US20 per user. Barracuda said it will contact the administrators of Copy for Companies and CudaDrive accounts with instructions for migrating their organisations' data.

If you prefer to download to a computer all the files stored in Copy, Barracuda suggests using the Copy Desktop Agent, making sure that all files in the cloud are set to synchronise with the computer, and that any previously deleted files that may be required are undeleted. Instructions are here, but you'll need to scroll a little more than halfway down the page.

Depending on the Copy settings on your computer, all your files may already be stored locally as well as in the cloud.

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