This security camera has a clever trick for watching your office

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This security camera has a clever trick for watching your office

The AXIS Camera Companion has a potentially handy feature if you're looking to setup a camera to watch your office, but don't have a big budget.

We have talked quite a bit about IP security cameras in the past including services that offer online video storage of the recordings and other more traditional options that involve setting up a server/DVR on the premises to store the video data.
The problem is that both of those solutions require active network connections for the recordings to be stored, so if the network connection goes down then the recordings stop altogether. 
There are however alternative IP security camera systems that will continue to record and store video regardless of the network status. 
One such product goes by the name of AXIS Camera Companion which equips its security cameras with inbuilt SD cards for recording and storage instead of relying on a networked server/DVR or a cloud storage service.
Once a network connection is available, security camera feeds can be viewed using a smartphone app or via a web browser on a PC. The smartphone app can even be used to export video from the camera’s SD card to a smartphone.  
Axis says that the setup can accommodate up to 16 SD card equipped cameras.
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