This roll-on travel bag has a built-in seat

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This roll-on travel bag has a built-in seat

Here's a handy idea - a travel bag with wheels that has a built in seat for those long waits at airports, conferences and anywhere else you need to rest your feet.

Here's a bag with a difference: it's built into a metal frame that doubles as a hard seat. Anytime you want to rest your tired feet, just plonk yourself down.

The other trick is that the bag, called the Zuca Pro, opens up to reveal soft compartments stacked horizontally like drawers (though they're not rigid). This way you can completely separate all the different categories of things you need to take with you.

We first spotted this bag in an article here, and while we haven't spotted anywhere you can buy it in Australia, there are some sites such as this one, which ship outside the US.

The bag is pricey: US$295. That said, some uses rave about it on Amazon. One potential concern is that the bag looks light it would be a mighty tight fit in an overhead plane compartment. We've been on domestic flights where overhead compartments are full - ion that situation you might find yourself in trouble with this bag.

Still, the number of times we've wished we could sit down while waiting in airport queues would make us seriously consider this if we travelled regularly.

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