This office had 124 wheelie bins of scrap paper sitting around

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This office had 124 wheelie bins of scrap paper sitting around

It's pretty amazing the amount of rubbish that can build up at work. Just read how much this office had sitting around.

If you're looking for an example that the "paperless office" is not a universal concept in today's workplace, look no further than the 124 wheelie bins Colonial First State apparently threw out.

The mountain of paper was apparently thrown out as part of "Friday File Fling", where offices get everyone involved as a team in digging up piles of paperwork that's sitting in filing cabinets and is no longer needed. According to the Planet Ark site, Colonial First State set a pretty impressive benchmark - 124 wheelie bins of paper.

If you're curious about how much paper is clogging your office, tomorrow is official Friday File Fling day as part of Planet Ark's Recycling Week - as good an excuse as any to give it a go. There's some handy information here. You can even print out your own posters!

According to Planet Ark, only one in every 10 sheets of office paper gets recycled. This is mainly due to the fact that businesses choose to stow away their paperwork in a library of filing cabinets. Of course, there are plenty of benefits in going paperless such as improved efficiency, reducing clutter and freeing up valuable office space. 
No doubt sorting through the library of paperwork and deciding what should be dumped can be a daunting if you haven't done it for years.

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