This new phone app is for dentists, doctors, physios

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This new phone app is for dentists, doctors, physios

If you're a doctor, physiotherapist, dentist, ambulance officer or optometrist then you could risk a very large fine if you're careless with photos of your patients.

An estimated 65 per cent of healthcare professionals now regularly snap clinical photos of patients with smartphones, according to a press release we've received.

We're told that this can risk patient images ending up in the wrong hands, thereby violating patient privacy. A violation that the company PicSafe Medi claims can cost individual practitioners up to $220,000 in fines.

The company has released the app called PicSafe Medi that it claims allows healthcare professionals to safely and securely take patient photos all without the risk of violating patient privacy and electronic health laws.

According to the press release, the app does this by:

• Obtaining full legal patient consent (including photo use choices)

• Segregating identifiers from photo

• Storing this segregated patient data separately

• Using strong encryption for all data transmission

• Employing a highly-secure, Australian-based cloud storage system

• Maintaining all patient data for a minimum of 7 years

• Requiring time-dependent User password entry

• Enforcing a strict User authentication process

• Generating random, time-restricted, photo-access URL tags

• Assuring a readily auditable trail for all data transactions, including geo, time, and device ID tagging.

PicSafe Medi, which says it consulted with a number of representatives from Victoria’s public and private hospitals during the course of the app’s development, claims that prior to this app, there was no secure, standardised system for safe mobile medical photography.   

The app is available now on both iOS and Android and costs $3.99 a month after a free 30 day trial.  

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