This is why you need to take website design seriously

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This is why you need to take website design seriously

Never bothered to tweak your ecommerce website, or get some professional advice? See what you are missing out on.

Here is a great example of the clever thinking you should be applying to your ecommerce website design - but in all likelihood plenty of people don't.

What you're looking at below are slides showing the website of an Australian-based company, before and after some tweaks were made.

In one sense, the changes are superficial - adding larger, different coloured font, for example, so that it's clearer that a product being sold is "In Stock".

The results are an eye-opener.

Take a look at the first example below. The goal, we are told, was to test the hypothesis that customers visiting a web site are put off from buying items because they aren't sure how long it would take to get them.

Consultants decided to test this. They made a slight change, which you can see here:

On the left, is the checkout box before the change. On the right is a new, slightly different version.

The result? According to the company that made the changes, a 12.76% increase in converting those visitors into sales.

Below is another example. What you're looking at is the "header" of the web page.

On top, before the change. On the bottom, after a Free Shipping logo has been added.

Free shipping isn't exactly unheard of in the world of ecommerce, and you might be forgiven for thinking your visitors don't need reminding if it's already mentioned elsewhere on your site (in the FAQ about shipping, for example).

In this case though, we are told this change resulted in a 21.28% increase in conversion.

The biggest payoff of all resulted from this change:

Adding those logos resulted in a massive 51.76% conversion increase, we are told.

These slides come from ecommerce consultancy White Labelled, which ran the tests above on the web site for Cygnett, which sells special tough cases and accessories for the iPhone and other smartphones. White Labelled presented these slides at a conference in Sydney this week and very kindly gave us permission to include them in this article.

This shows that ongoing testing of even the most basic functions of a web site can pay dividends.

On another level, it shows the importance of taking a rigorous, professional approach to your online business and why getting the right professionals involved is important.

Special thanks to White Labelled for permission to post these slides here. The presentation we saw them give was full of practical tips like this, with tangible results. 

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