This is probably a no-no under NSW's new mobile phone laws

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This is probably a no-no under NSW's new mobile phone laws

Sure, you can tuck a tablet computer in your briefcase, or you can build a complete mobile workstation…in your passenger seat.

We're not entirely sure how reliable this story is, but according to several web sites this is the photo of a jerry-rigged mobile office.

That's a printer, laptop (that looks like it's about to fall off an awkward mounting), quite a large wireless data antenna, power inverter, router and what appears to be enough mineral water for a few days.

The story comes from timesonline, which reported the story along with the photo. We recommend you read the full account here.

We admire the unnamed man's ingenuity, although there are a few obvious questions. The laptop we understand - when you're parked, it looks like quite a handy way to type - though you'd need to twist your body  to use it.

  • The printer - if you've got to print, you've got to print.
  • The power inverter - sure. Cigarette lighter adaptors aren't always the most reliable power source, and if you've got a printer and laptop….
  • The router and antenna - clearly this is someone who needs wireless, absolutely everywhere.
  • While we can't say the laptop would offer great driving visibility, we suppose if you closed the lid, or took it off the mount, you might be able to see where you're going.

No doubt this wouldn't go down well under NSW's new laws which ban drivers from making or receiving calls on their phone even when the car is not moving, unless it's sitting in a cradle and you're not touching it.


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