The Laser WiFi shAIR: a wireless network in your pocket

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The Laser WiFi shAIR: a wireless network in your pocket

Here's a challenge. You're at a conference or work event and you need to easily share files between users with computers, tablets and smartphones. How do you do it?

Laser's WiFi shAIR creates a small wireless network, for up to eight devices, that makes it possible to share SD cards and USB storage.

Unlike portable hotspots like Telstra'sMobile Wi-Fi 4G, the Laser WiFi shAIR still needs to plugin to an ethernet cable to work. If you can do that though, you'll then be able to share the connection wirelessly over a 20 metre range. It supports Windows, Macs, iOS devices like iPhones and iPads, and Android devices.
The Laser WiFi shAIR: like a portable hotspot, but with SD/USB connections
We've used portable hotspot devices, like the Apple Airport Express, to take a wired Internet connection in a hotel room and create a wireless network. The Laser WiFi shAIR does that but adds the ability to share files that are connected to the device by the two SD card slots - these are the memory cards that are common in cameras - and a USB port that can handle up to USB drives with up to 64GB.
The device has a battery so once it's charged up it can provide up to four hours of connectivity between trips to the power outlet.
We haven't road-tested the Laser WiFi shAIR yet, but for $169 it looks like a potentially handy device for travellers and small teams that need to connect and share on the road. 
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