The humble business card now has a microchip inside

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The humble business card now has a microchip inside

Hand out one of these cards and you’ll also be handing over a little chip and antenna embedded inside.

We’re not sure if it’s destined to be a fancy novelty item or something actually useful, but a UK company is experimenting with cards that have an embedded microchip inside.

The cards, created by printing company Moo, look like relatively normal business cards – but tearing open the card reveals a chip and antenna. You give the card to someone, they touch the card to their phone and it triggers the phone to tell them more about you or your business.

The cards aren’t on sale yet. Moo is letting customers try them out by including one in each order of business cards.

The cards use something called Near Field Technology (NFC), the same technology already used in some credit cards you can use to pay at Coles by touching the card against the payment terminal. To work with the cards, your phone will need to have the NFC capability – if it doesn’t you would need to get a special case for it that does.

We’ve found ourselves using business cards a little less over the years, but they certainly still come in handy. There’s certainly still various gimmicks out there to keep cards interesting – like these wacky card designs.

If microchips are too high-tech for you, you could also try designing your card with a QR code in it – here’s our guide showing you how to do it.

Or, you could design a card that your clients really get a kick out of – like this.

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