The big 20in tablet: good for photographers, designers, office walls?

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The big 20in tablet: good for photographers, designers, office walls?

If your business can make use of a really, really big tablet, then take a look at this 20in monster from Panasonic.

Say you are a landscape designer and your day to day work involves showing elaborate schematics to prospective clients.

Or you are a photographer, and you want a way to show off your portfolio by giving customers a way to browse really, really large images. 

These are the ideas we've had after seeing these photos of this monster tablet computer from Panasonic, which is a prototype.


With a 20in screen, this is much, much bigger than any iPad, and the fact that it's a computer, means you can do a lot more with it than a flat screen TV.

Panasonic's tablet could be usefully wall-mounted in meeting rooms and other common areas.

We see some problems with the product:

  • It's questionable whether the tablet is adequate for demanding applications such as photo editing or CAD software. Several reporters that have tried the device question its performance, referring to "tremendous lag" and saying it "can be very slow". 
  • Another issue is that Windows software isn't designed for screens with so many pixels per inch (220ppi), so interface elements tend to be too small for convenient use.
  • It weighs 2.4Kg, so you wouldn't want to carry it around everywhere.

Still, it could be a very interesting way to make your studio, office, showroom, gallery stand out from the crowd.

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