The $149 smartphone: here's what you get

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The $149 smartphone: here's what you get

Local online retailer Kogan has unveiled an Android smartphone that costs $149 outright. So what do you get for that sort of money?


Local online retailer Kogan has unveiled an Android smartphone that costs $149 outright.

The Kogan Agora Smartphone has a 5" touchscreen, Android 4, dual cameras and, interestingly, you can put two SIM cards in it.

Not quite an iPhone
The Kogan web site boasts that the $149 asking price for the Agora “can get you 22% of an iPhone 4S." 

While that’s true, the Agora only has 25% of the storage capacity of the entry level 16GB iPhone and has much lower resolution display with only about half as many pixels despite being larger.

The Agora’s cameras are also of a significantly lower specification than the iPhone. 

In other words, the Agora might be cheaper but it delivers less.

Dual SIM support

The Agora’s most interesting feature, we think, is that it has dual SIM slots. That means you can use different SIMs for data and calls depending where you can get the best deal.

It's no surprise Kogan, which also sells TVs and other home electronics, is selling a phone - recently they started their own pre-paid mobile phone service.

With dual SIMs, you could use a Kogan SIM for data and a separate SIM for calls. Or you could use one SIM for business calls and another for personal calls.

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