Telstra's 21Mbps plan to lure you to wireless

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Telstra's 21Mbps plan to lure you to wireless

Yup, we know they're expensive, but here's the thing: Telstra is doing stonkingly impressive things with their wireless, including today's announcement of 21Mbps.

Say what you will about Telstra, but today's announcement of 21Mbps mobile broadband (eventually to increase to 42Mbps) puts them a league ahead of everyone else's wireless.

The first 21Mbps modems (the Telstra Turbo 21) will be available for Next G business customers on February 23, but everyone else gets to join the fun in April. No, there's no pricing yet, and yes, we're expecting it to be pants wettingly expensive.

But that's not the point. The move to 21Mbps is so far ahead of wireless speeds we've seen so far, that for the first time mobile broadband is starting to look less like the flaky cousin of ADSL, than the future (well, perhaps not for gaming).

The important factor will be real life download speeds - Telstra is predicting you'll see anywhere up to 8Mbps. Telstra's current 7.2Mbps network performs well compared to the competition - it was the fastest in our mobile broadband group test, with downloads averaging more than 4Mbps.



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