Telstra closing 3G: here's how to check if your phone is Next G compatible

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Telstra closing 3G: here's how to check if your phone is Next G compatible

Telstra is closing down its "old" 3G network. Here's how to check if your phone is compatible with the newer, faster Next G network.

It's that time again. Telstra's "old" 3G network, built in a joint venture with Hutchison in 2004 is being closed down now that the newer, faster Next G network is firmly entrenched and widely available.

So, what's that mean for you?
Chances are that it won't make one iota of difference. This is not as big a change as when Telstra closed down the old CDMA network in 2008. The vast majority of handsets out there, being used by Telstra customers, work on Next G.
The old 3G network, technically known as a 3GIS network, has only been running in the metropolitan centres of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and some satellite cities. The rest of the country has been on Next G for some time.
Telstra hasn't sold a non-Next G phone for more than five years so unless you've been hanging on to an older handset this isn't likely to impact your business. The only exception was the LG watch phone that wasn't a huge seller.
Any customers that Telstra believe to be affected by this change should already been contacted. That contact commenced back in 2010.
If you're not sure whether you're affected Telstra offers the following advice.
1.     Check that your device is Next G compatible. You can check that your device is Next G compatible by using Telstra’s online device identifier tool.
2.     Check your device network settings. Some devices currently used on the 3GIS network are actually Next G compatible. However, either because customers have adjusted their settings or because devices were used previously on other mobile networks, they may be set to access the old 3G band only. Customers should switch their network settings from ‘3Telstra’ (3G 2100MHz) to 'Automatic' to ensure their device connects with the best available network.
3.     Contact Telstra if you have any questions. Either click here or call
·         13 2200 for residential Post-Paid enquiries
·         125 8880 for Pre-Paid enquiries
·         13 2000 or your Account Executive for Telstra Business enquiries
·         Customers with hearing aids are encouraged to contact Telstra’s Disability Services team on 1800 286 980 to discuss suitable device options.
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