Tech deal: Aldi Ultrabook for $749

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Tech deal: Aldi Ultrabook for $749

We don't normally recommend you do your laptop shopping at Aldi supermarkets, but if you're after a cheap laptop then this might fit the bill.


Aldi's Medion brand delivers affordable tech toys although they don't often deliver what we'd consider state of the art equipment.

However, they have managed to put an ultrabook on the market for just $749 - so if price is your main concern, then this might be worth taking a look at.

Unlike many of the cheaper computers we've seen around, the Medion S4216 doesn't skimp on some of the key specifications.

The processor is an Intel Core i5 rather than the lower performing i3 or older Core 2 products that are often found in cheaper computers. There's also 8GB or memory - enough for running the vast majority of business applications. 

It gets a little more interesting with storage. There are actually two drives; a 500GB unit for storing documents and media and smaller 32GB Solid State Drive. This is much faster than the larger drive - we'd use that for the operating system and main applications so that the computer ran as fast as possible.

The Medion S4216 comes with Windows 8 so if you were looking for a low cost computer to get you into the newest operating system from Microsoft then this looks like a good way to do it.

The biggest downside we see is that 14-inch 1366 x 768 display isn't touch-enabled and the resolution is on the low side for a screen of this size.

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