Take care with new mobile plans

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Take care with new mobile plans

Pay close attention to the fine print the next time you shop around for a mobile phone plan.

If you breathed a sigh of relief when you heard about the new rules imposed on mobile phone carriers by the revised telecommunications industry code, think again - things might not be quite as rosy as you thought.

The prohibition of the word 'cap' in connection with mobile phone plans unless it refers to a hard cap that cannot be exceeded was generally welcome. But for those whose mobile use fluctuates significantly, a new-style cap plan could be a problem: what happens if you reach your monthly limit before the end of the month, and there's no way to make further calls?
That shouldn't be a problem if you're staying on your current plan as the conditions should remain the same even if the terminology changes, but take care next time you shop around for a plan.
Also be aware that the rule that requires carriers to notify customers before they use up their monthly quota and start facing additional charges doesn't apply to business accounts, only those operated by individuals. So if you've been monitoring the use of phones on business plans, you should continue to do so to avoid the dreaded 'bill shock.'
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