Symantec claims SMB version takes less than 20 minutes to install

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Symantec claims SMB version takes less than 20 minutes to install

Looking for data security for your small business? Symantec has some interesting claims for its new EndPoint Protection Small Business Edition.

As we explained recently, ruinning anti-virus for small business is not as simple as running around the office firing up 10 copies of your favoruite anti-virus app.

For one thing, consumer security apps tend to top out at 3 user licenses. And they're not centrally managed, so no good for an owner-operator who wants a simple way to manage the lot from a single Web browser.

That's where small business data security comes in handy. We've already reviewed a stack of small business security apps here in our Small Business Data Security Group Test.

The good news is big security players like Symantec and McAfee are upping their game in the small business space. The latest weapon at your disposal is Symantec's Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition, and Protection Suite Small Business Edition (which has security for your Exchange server and sophisticated backup and restore).

The big claim? Symantec reckons you'll be up and running with the Endpoint product (up to $67.50 per user, not including maintenance costs), in less than 20 minutes, no doubt helped by the fact that lots of the big corporate stuff is stripped out of the install.

Interestingly, Symantec is also making some bold claims about the speed and footprint of the new version. They're reporting third party stats which claim that the Endpoint product adds less than 5 seconds to boot times - which they claim is drastically less than competitors like McAfee, Trend Micro and Sophos.

One of Symantec's battles will likely be to convince small businesses that they need more than a standalone anti-virus app. The pitch is that Endpoint Protection gives you defences like firewall and intrusion detection, so you're not just relying on signature based blocking.



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