"Small proportion" of small businesses have NBN-prep strategy

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"Small proportion" of small businesses have NBN-prep strategy

Report states small businesses "may" not be aware of the full impact of the National Broadband Network (NBN).

While no doubt many people are aware of the NBN, how many of you think it could be important enough to your small business to do some strategic preparation?

One of the more interesting tidbits we spotted in this Future of Business Report commissioned by Deloitte Access Economics and Optus is about whether businesses will be ready to take advantage of the NBN.
"Only a small proportion of businesses have a specific strategy to prepare for the NBN, with a number of possible implications," the report states. "It may suggest NBN is seen as a long-term change in a currently fast moving environment; it may suggest businesses are not aware of the full impact."
As we've explained before, the NBN is really about more than faster Internet. You can read more about the potential ways the NBN could help small businesses save money and grow here.
The report is free to download and looks at consumer trends of the last 12 months and attempts to extrapolate those to provide a view of what might happen in business over the next three to five years. For example, many businesses are grappling with the BYOD - Bring your own Device - trend. Or in other words, when staff use their own computers, tablets and smartphones at work.


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