Sick of dry-cleaning your suit for work?

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Sick of dry-cleaning your suit for work?

Dry cleaning is an expensive game if you wear a suit every day - which is why this home clothes hanger from LG is so interesting.

Here's one of the more unusual gadgets we've seen this month - the LG Styler is a cabinet that gets the wrinkles and stink out of your suit.

Put your clothes inside, and the clothes hanger gives them a spray of steam to keep them "refreshed", as well as giving them a gentle shake in an attempt to get rid of wrinkles and smell.

There's also an "aromatic scent" spray.

As you can see in the video below, the cabinet is a huge thing, taller than the person in the video. It's been in existence for quite a while now, but we first stumbled across it recently. As far as we know it's not available in Australia, but we thought it an interesting of a technology that might make its way here one day.

As far as we can tell, LG doesn't claim the device, called the LG Styler, will do away with dry-cleaning entirely. Instead it seems to be aimed at keeping your clothes fresh enough to get more wears out of them, before you need to dry-clean them again.

If it's as effective as LG promises, it sounds like a handy gadgets to have - though the time's we really need something like this is when we're away from home on extended business trips. Perhaps something for up-scale hotels to look at for their business suites?

[Update: One reader emailed us to say they remember back in the 1980s seeing a drying cupboard that you put your wet clothes in for them to be dried wrinkle-free.]

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