Should you use video to promote your business?

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Should you use video to promote your business?

Yes, and the sooner the better, says one PR professional. How's that for uncommon clarity?

We've previously mentioned that Wendy McWilliams of WMC Public Relations uses her blog to provide free advice to small businesses that want to do their own PR.

McWilliams' latest article outlines a strategy for using video to draw attention to your business.

Reasons for using video include better SEO, greater engagement and interaction, and higher purchase rates. (Hard to believe? 18 months ago BIT reported that Luxy Hair had grown its business through YouTube videos, attracting an impressive 1.4 million subscribers. That's now grown to 2.4 million.)

While McWilliams aims her blog at small business people that at least initially want to do their own marketing and PR, she recommends engaging a professional freelance videographer in order to get a professional result. But if you really don't have the budget, "just start on your own and enlist the help of family and friends, making sure it meets minimum standards," she says.

As if to prove that she practices what she preaches, here's WMC PR's introductory video:

One suggestion we would add is that it is worth watching other companies' promotional videos to get a feel for which techniques and types of content work the best for you. 

Avoid memes though. Nobody can has memes properly.

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