Should my next work computer be a mini desktop?

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Should my next work computer be a mini desktop?

Don't have a lot of space on your work desk? You could buy a laptop, or you could consider getting a mini PC like one of these.

Laptops are all the rage in a lot of workplaces these days, but if you've decided it's time to upgrade your old work computer there is another option - the mini PC.

Lenovo has announced the new M93 Tiny, the latest model in it's Tiny range. As the name implies it's small - the height of a golf ball if you lie it on it side.
The first thing we wondered is whether there's a catch. In short, there are upsides and downsides with going with a mini PC.
On the upside, the M93 Tiny consumes 50% less power than your average full tower sized PC, according to Lenovo. 
It's so small you can also get it out of the way by attaching it to the back of a monitor.
Substantially cutting down the size of a chassis does inevitably mean some degree of tradeoff in comparison with a larger tower computer.
In the case of the M93 Tiny, you won’t have the option of putting in a dedicated graphics card or the room to squeeze in a DVD drive. You can always connect an external hard drive via one of the five USB ports though.
If you are a video editor or photographer, we'd suggest looking at the more powerful “Small” and “Tower” models of the M93P, which can accommodate up to two graphics cards, multiple internal hard drives and optical drives.
The integrated graphics (for the technically minded, it's a quad core Intel i7 Haswell processor) will be ok for running business applications and using Microsoft Office.
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