SEO and SEM: The Google tricks small businesses apparently don't use

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SEO and SEM: The Google tricks small businesses apparently don't use

Your business is probably missing out if you're not doing this, according to a report released today by Google.

The concept of optimising your web site to attract more potential customers who search using Google, otherwise called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is more than a decade old.

But most small businesses still don't do it, at least according to the results of a survey of 500 Australian small businesses released by Google this week.

  • Of those businesses surveyed, 84% don't use SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which is paying to have your advertisements show up on Google.
  • For more than 35% of businesses, the extent of their "digital engagement" was limited to two things: having a business email address, and people within the business using the Internet to communicate with each other.

Of course it's in Google's interests for more small businesses to get online and start paying for things like Google Adwords. Still, those statistics show that there are online tricks many business operators aren't taking advantage of.

It isn't news that small businesses aren't the most web-savvy - along with Google, others like MYOB have been up in arms about the fact that lots of businesses don't have a Web site.

We know of some professionals who have a select clientele, are run off their feet with work and don't want or need to go advertising online.

Some people are too busy.

We've also wondered previously whether there's a perception that this is fancy stuff reserved for "Internet businesses".

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