See if your software will work with Windows 8 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion

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See if your software will work with Windows 8 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Here's a handy way of checking if your software will still work when you upgrade to Windows 8 and Mac OS X.

Last week, I upgraded my main working computer - a Mac - to the latest version of OS X. All seemed fine until yesterday when I needed to scan some documents. In the past, I either used Apple's Preview app or the software that came with the multi-function printer.

Scanning from Preview didn't work and the HP software crashed as soon as it was launched. In other words - my device went from multi-function to single function. This is a common side effect of upgrading systems. Apps that aren't used every day are "broken" by upgrades.
In my case, the problem was solved by going to the HP website and downloading the latest software. But how could I have avoided the problem and saved some time?
It turns out that Roaring Apps has created an OS X application compatibility table that answers this very question. Simply look up each piece of software on your Mac and see whether it's known to work, not work or hasn't been tested. The information is provided by ordinary people who do the testing and report back.
If you're thinking about a move to Windows 8 later this year, Microsoft has created a Compatibility Center for the Windows 8 Release Preview that could be helpful in preparing for that upgrade.
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