Seagate adds another box to its business storage range

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Seagate adds another box to its business storage range

If you're looking for up to 16TB and your business uses Windows Server, this might be of interest.

We're always on the lookout for potentially useful data storage for small businesses, so we thought we'd share news of the Seagate Business Storage Windows Server 4-bay NAS.
It's designed to provide shared storage in small businesses that use Windows Server. Being based on Windows Storage Server 2012 R2, it includes native support for Active Directory which means it can automatically learn about the users on your network, substantially reducing setup time.
Prices start at $1,299 for a unit configured with 4TB of storage, and range up to $2,799 for 16TB.
Other NAS devices often require user details to be entered manually, which is an ongoing management chore in all but the smallest or most stable businesses in terms of employees.
Additional Windows features supported by Seagate Business Storage include Storage Spaces and BitLocker.
Storage Spaces provide the ability to combine multiple drives into one expandable pool, and to keep multiple copies of files on different drives. While most NAS devices offer RAID capabilities, Storage Spaces can be managed from within Windows and provide additional flexibility in that multiple Storage Spaces can be set up on one set of physical drives.
So where you might set up an entire NAS unit as mirrored storage (two copies of everything), Storage Spaces allows you to carve out a portion of the pool as mirrored storage (providing protection against a drive failure) and another as regular storage (maximising the amount of space available, but with no protection against drive failure).
BitLocker is the encrypted storage scheme built into Windows. Using BitLocker on a drive means that if the unit is stolen, the drive is effectively unreadable even if it is removed from the device and connected directly to a PC.
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