Retailers: would you wear this gadget around your neck?

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Retailers: would you wear this gadget around your neck?

It's a two-way radio, bar code scanner and a way to give your shop staff a job list - is this the future of in-store sales?

Step into a high street retail shop in some countries and the staff will be wearing wireless headsets, à la Mission Impossible (we're thinking of Sephora).

But what about this gadget you see in the pghoto and video below?

It's called the Motorola SB1 Smart Badge. In retail, its main use is to allow sales staff to scan a product for information and price, maybe even check back room stock, without leaving the customer alone, and therefore possibly losing a sale.

The theory is that shoppers will walk out if they aren’t promptly provided with the information that they need to make a purchase.

The new SB1 Smart Badge has a 3-inch touch screen display that is designed to be worn around the neck in place of a regular name badge, allowing shoppers to easily identify staff.
The Smart badge has a built-in push-to-talk system so staff can communicate with each other.
Motorola claims that the device integrates with existing POS systems. 
Here is a video demonstrating how it might be used in a shop:
The Smart Badge device has a task manager for workers can access their own task list and flor supervisors to monitor task status in real time. The idea is that workers can log in at the start of a shift to access their personal task list and messages. 
Motorola says that the device is built to withstand drops, spills, and exposure to dust, heat and cold. 


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