Recap: what's been happening with the NBN?

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Recap: what's been happening with the NBN?

Much of the recent coverage of the NBN has been concerned with politicking and personnel, but what's been happening with the rollout?

All this year we've been bringing you updates on the latest news whenever the NBN is turned on in a new area.
We haven't done many of these updates in the last couple of months, so today we're doing a recap of some recent locations where the NBN rollout has been announced.
Don't forget to read our article looking at "What happens to the NBN now?", which covers the bigger picture.
Here is some recent news about the NBN:
  • Recent fibre activations have occurred in South Perth (2,195 homes and businesses passed), Carlton (inner Melbourne - 2,450 homes and businesses passed), and Meadow Springs (Mandurah, WA - almost 1,250 homes and businesses passed).
  • In addition, the wireless network has been activated in parts of the Goulburn Valley and North-Eastern Victoria (more than 2,350 homes, farms and other businesses).
  • Earlier this month, NBN Co received ACCC approval of its proposed purchase of the TransACT fibre-to-the-premises network in the Australian Capital Territory, which serves around 8,500 premises with extensions planned or under construction covering another 4,500. According to NBN Co, this will make the NBN deployment in Canberra faster and more cheaply, and bring more competition to the market.
  • NBN Co is also reminding people in fibre-serviced areas that they have 18 months after the first availability of service to switch their landline phones, ADSL broadband and Telstra cable internet to services delivered over the NBN. Optus cable services will be phased out on a separate timetable. The existing copper network will remain in place to provide telephone service in areas covered by NBN fixed wireless.
  • In other news, NBN Co has announced a pilot fibre-to-the-building rollout in up to ten large office blocks and apartment buildings. The idea is to test the delivery of fibre to the buildings' communication rooms with reticulation to individual apartments and offices via existing wiring. As many as 1,000 occupiers may be included in the trial. The hope is that this approach will allow NBN services to be delivered to such premises more quickly and cheaply than installing fibre inside such buildings.
  • Acting CEO Ziggy Switkowski has confirmed the rollout will continue "well into next year" with large-scale fibre-to-the-node rollouts commencing "quite late next year." But he warned that any areas getting fibre-to-the-node would be unlikely to get a fibre-to-the-premises upgrade within a decade.
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