QuickBooks users: QuickBooks will soon be called Accounts

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QuickBooks users: QuickBooks will soon be called Accounts

Confused? Here is a basic summary of what's changing with the popular QuickBooks accounting software and what it means for you.

QuickBooks is about to get a new name, but in theory it shouldn't mean you need to change what you are doing.

In April this year, the QuickBooks software is expected to get a new name: Accounts. This has been known for a while now - we mentioned it in this article last year.

It's part of a bunch of changes happening involving QuickBooks, Quicken, QuickBooks Online and another company called Intuit.

Confused? In the interests of helping you get your head around all this, here is a basic summary:

First off, who is Reckon?

Reckon is the name of the company that for years has been behind the QuickBooks and Quicken brands in the Australian market.

What if I use QuickBooks?

Reckon has announced that from April 2013 the Australian QuickBooks products will be renamed the Accounts business range.

The Reckon web site states "This is a name change only... Reckon will continue to support and develop the Accounts product range for many years to come." 

Along the same lines, the CEO of Reckon’s Business Division, Gavin Dixon, told us this last year: 

"Reckon has been localising and developing the QuickBooks range of products for the Australian and New Zealand markets for many, many years and will continue to do so. In essence, nothing will change except the QuickBooks name. Reckon will continue to develop, support and enhance the renamed QuickBooks products as we have always done."

There is also a separate QuickBooks Online. It's a "cloud" product, meaning you access it over the Internet. It's from a different company called Intuit. 

If you use the "Personal" product - Quicken? 

If this is you, you might already know that the new 2013 version now goes under a different name - Reckon Accounts. 

There are different versions:

  • Personal 2013 (previously Quicken Personal)
  • Personal Plus 2013 (previously Quicken Personal Plus)
  • Home & Business 2013 (previously Quicken Home & Business)

A new "cloud" accounting product: Reckon One

Just about every major accounting brand has a "cloud" accounting product now, which let you store and access all your accounting data over the Internet - making it easier to access it anywhere you have a laptop or in some situations, an iPad. This includes a cloud product for QuickBooks users.

In addition, Reckon has announced they have a new cloud accounting package on the way, called Reckon One. This will be "unveiled" by Reckon in May. We'll bring you more information about this once we have it.

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