Questions about Magento? MagentoLive kicks off tomorrow

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Questions about Magento? MagentoLive kicks off tomorrow

From SEO to email marketing, this week's MagentoLive talkfest in Sydney looks like a good opportunity to get your head around the popular ecommerce platform.

One of the important things to understand is that when it comes to ecommerce platforms is that it's not one-size-fits-all.

Some systems are quick, simple and you can do it yourself - others are more complicated, but you have more scope to customise.
Magento is one of the more well-known platforms, which means there are developers around the world familiar with it. It has the reputation for allowing all sorts of scope for customisation, but of course with that comes all sorts of questions about what is and isn't possible.
If you have questions about Magento, tomorrow a MagentoLive talk-fest kicks off in Sydney. It's a two-day event for "merchants" and developers. Unfortunately the event is sold out, but we'll be attending, so if you have any general questions about Magento let us know. You can add them in the comments area below.


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