Put an iPad in your shop

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Put an iPad in your shop

Here's a handy product - a lockable wall-mount for an iPad, so you can let customers in your shop play with it without breaking it.


Huge touch-screen displays are fine for upmarket hotels and shops, but how can you offer something similar in your own reception area?
We received a press release about a potentially handy product that let you do this. The $89.95 Wallee Lock holds an original iPad or iPad 2 inside a Wallee Case ($39.95), which is then mounted on a flat surface with a $10 Wall Mount Disk.
"The lock system is the safest on the market," claims Alon Tamir from Studio Proper, the company behind the product. "We've designed this enclosure using top quality materials so iPad users can confidently display the device and have a stream of customers using it without any risk to the device."
Various apps lend themselves for use in such environments, including TouchPoint (eg, to solicit customer feedback),  Presenter Player (turn the iPad into a digital sign), and Titbit (a digital menu app for restaurants that can integrate with POS systems). 
Or perhaps you could give visitors the option of playing around in a web browser while they wait.
The Wallee Lock blocks access to the iPad's home button, discouraging unsophisticated users from leaving the chosen app, though others will know that a four or five-finger pinch gesture has the same effect.
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