Protect your gear with this smart alarm

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Protect your gear with this smart alarm

Thefts from remote sites are regrettably common, so an Australian company decided to do something about it.

ATF Services is Australia’s largest provider of temporary fencing and edge protection services, and has diversified into solar lighting, solar surveillance technology, and now intelligent wireless alarms.

Designed with construction sites and remote locations in mind, the Secure Track Sense intelligent wireless alarm provides internet-connected monitoring for up to 12 months on just four AA batteries.

It can be located indoors or outdoors to protect a wide range of assets including residential properties, new home builds, renovations, sheds, site offices, shipping containers and vacant commercial or industrial properties. It can even be used to monitor the back of a ute.

The alarm is configured through a mobile app, and any unexpected activity such as movement or sound triggers alerts that are delivered by in-app notifications and/or email.

An interesting feature is that multiple users can be assigned to one unit. Pooling alarms in this way creates what the company describes as “an electronic neighbourhood watch network”.

Prices start at $1 per day, with discounts for multiple units and longer-term rentals.

According to ATF, a recent study found 39 percent of residential builders were affected by theft or vandalism at their building sites, with two-thirds of those experiencing more than one incident. Raw materials were stolen from 61 percent, and hand-held tools from 46 percent. The cost isn't just in replacing the stolen property, because the resulting delays to projects can have financial impacts such as financial penalties for late completion.

The Secure Track Sense is an Internet of Things (IoT) product that was developed in conjunction with Microsoft (ATF uses Azure cloud infrastructure), software developer Two Bulls and IoT network provider Thinxtra.

“It is great to have companies like Two Bulls driving innovation and creating new practical technologies here in Australia's innovation capital,” said Victorian Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade Philip Dalidakis.

“Our booming tech ecosystem is creating technologies that will help our other industries to thrive – this great new IoT platform will help our businesses keep track of the tools they need to do their job.”

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