Prepaid 4G broadband: Telstra vs Optus

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Prepaid 4G broadband: Telstra vs Optus

Both Telstra and Optus are now offering prepaid 4G wireless broadband dongles and WiFi hotspots. Here's how the prices compare.


It's official - 3G is so last year. Now, it's all about 4G as Optus has caught up with Telstra and is now delivering 4G Internet speeds over its network.

Being to connect your laptop or tablet to the Internet with fast performance means that you can more easily communicate with the rest of your business and your customers.

It's worth noting that both carriers are still building their 4G networks so you'll only get the fastest connections in limited areas. Optus's 4G coverage maps show that 4G is only available in selected areas of Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. 

Telstra's 4G coverage maps allow you to search by postcode for the type of coverage they offer although, at this stage, their coverage footprint is broader than Optus.

4G USB for your laptop: Telstra vs Optus



A USB dongle lets you easily connect your laptop to a mobile data network. Telstra offers a $129 USB dongle that comes with 3GB of data that expires after 30 days.

Optus offers a similar product for $169 but it includes 6GB of data that's valid for 60 days. 

To get 6GB with Telstra you'll need to buy another 3GB data pack which adds $50 to the package and you'd need to wait until the first 3GB of data had been used or expired before activating the extra data. 

4G mobile hotspots: Telstra vs Optus


The other option is to purchase a mobile hotspot. This connects to the 4G network but allows you to wirelessly share the Internet so that you can connect to it using your phone, tablet and laptop.

Telstra's option costs $169 and includes 5GB of data that expires after 30 days. It allows you to connect up to five devices to the Internet at the same time.

Again, Optus costs a little more up front at $199. However, it comes with 10GB of data with a 60 day expiry.

The Optus hardware also trumps Telstra's as it allows up to 10 devices to connect at the same time. This makes it a handy backup connection should your main connection fail in the office. 


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