Prepaid $199 water resistant phone here from Optus

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Prepaid $199 water resistant phone here from Optus

Tradespeople or anyone who uses their phone on the job in bad weather might be interested in the Motorola Defy MINI which will cost $199 from Optus.

From what we can tell, the Motorola Defy MINI isn’t targeted at tradespeople – the marketing material talks about sharing “all the fun” you’re having with friends. Still, that’s not to say it mightn’t be a useful phone to have on the job.

Priced at $199 from Optus, the prepaid handset comes with $30 credit and a SIM. What’s interesting is the phone is “dust-proof, water-resistant, scratch-resistant”. More expensive smartphones like the HTC One X (read our review of the HTC One X) feature toughened “Gorilla Glass” (as does this one), but specific water resistance isn’t something we normally see.


The Motorola Defy MINI runs Android 2.3

The phone is much more pocket-friendly than expensive big screen models, and we were impressed to see Motorola has squeezed in a 1650mAh battery. Mind you, turn the phone on its side, and it’s reasonably thick.

If you’re mainly an email /app user when it comes to the Internet, then this will suit fine.  The phone has a 3.2 in screen, which is smaller than an iPhone, but would be fine for email, text and occasional Web site access.

At this price, you’re obviously compromising on a few things. The camera is 3MP, not dual core (and we wouldn’t expect it at this priced bracket).

You’ll also need to be comfortable with Android, and “social and activity widgets”.

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